Friday, October 30, 2009

On a Scale of 1 to 10

Ten being the best day you've ever had and one being the worst. That's how they asked me to rate my day when I attended the postpartum support group.

Today is a 4. Crappy sleep last night, I think I got a solid one hour early in the night, then a few 30 minute intervals thrown in until 5am when I fed Lillian again. Breastfeeding totally sucks in the first few weeks and I kind of forgot that. My anxiety level is up again, and I know it take a few weeks for the Lexapro to kick in so I'm not expecting miracles overnight.

My parents left a few hours ago, so when B wakes up from his nap I will be on my own until Joe gets home. I got dressed so I could take a walk with both kids because I NEED to get out of the house, and technically I'm not supposed to drive until Monday (2 weeks after my c-section).

I don't like anxiety.

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