Thursday, October 29, 2009

Making New Friends

I started taking Lexapro yesterday because my feelings of anxiety and sadness were so intense on Sunday and Monday. I was really scared with how I felt. I realize a lot of it has to do with hormones after having a baby, but the anxiety was so much worse this time than with Brandt.

I also started going to a postpartum support group and it was nice to talk to other moms that are working through similar situations and feelings. I really want to feel "normal" soon, because at times my anxiety and sadness is almost debilitating ... where I just sit on the couch and don't know what to do next, feeling completely clueless and terrified.

I guess my temperament and personality aren't really suited for coping with this kind of stress. Some women are super moms and transition perfectly from one to two children. That is not me. It will take time for me to get into a routine and figure out what works best for me and them. But I know it will work out ... I just wish it would work out sooner rather than later.


Colleen said...

Take it one day at a time, you will get there. Celebrate the little things, thinking of you!

OMIDucky said...

Hang in there my dear. You are doing all the right things.