Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We're back to dealing with crappy sleep. I don't know why, but the past few nights B has been waking up several times. Luckily Joe still gets up with him so I can stay in bed, but I'm getting annoyed that he's back to broken sleep. He's also a lot whinier, too, probably because he's not getting enough sleep and he's tired. The whining is soooooo irritating. Nails on a chalkboard.

And I'm starting to worry about this H1N1 paranoia. There has been a report that one little girl had it and was at the child care facility at the gym I went to ... and where one of my friends currently goes and brings her 2 year old. I wanted to avoid getting the H1N1 vaccine because it's so new, but now I'm worried I'm going to have to lock myself in my house after the baby is born so I don't get contaminated. And what if B gets it at school? I'm not so worried about me getting sick, as much as I worry about B and a newborn ...

Which brings me to my next topic: hospital visitors. The hospital where I'll have the baby has a strict policy for flu season that no children under the age of 12 can visit. Regardless if they're siblings. So B can't visit me or baby sister in the hospital. Which is a little sad, but now I'm starting to think I should limit visitors entirely. Only select family can visit in the hospital, and don't even think of walking into my house without drowning your hands in the sanitizer that will be conveniently located near the front door. I might get medical masks, too ... or is that going too far?

Up until I heard about this local case of H1N1 I was pretty laid back with my feelings about it, but now that it's a real possibility and pretty close to home I'm getting nervous. I just don't want to go crazy locked inside my house, because it was bad enough when I had B in February and I hardly went anywhere ... I don't know if I could do it during the winter.


R. Batty said...

Any flu is risky for small children, not just H1N1. If you're that worried, then get Brandt vaccinated against both H1N1 and seasonal flu. But if you wouldn't get him a regular flu vaccine, I honestly don't think H1N1 is worth any extra worry. Just make sure you take him to a doctor right away if he comes down with flu symptoms.


Karen said...

I did get both B and I vaccinated for regular flu, but I'm not sure about the H1N1 vaccine because it's so new. Mostly I worry if he gets H1N1 at school after the baby is born, because she can't get any flu vaccine until she's 6 months old. I'm pretty sure my mom wants both myself and B to get the H1N1 vaccine, I'm just not 100% convinced of its safety. Although she said she's going to get the H1N1 vaccine so I could always see what happens to her before I completely decide :)