Friday, October 9, 2009

Scheduled, For the Most Part

My repeat c-section is scheduled for Monday, October 19th at 7:30am. When I left the doctor yesterday we had agreed on Tuesday the 20th, but I guess that was just a tentative plan until she confirmed with the hospital. So now I'm officially having this baby on the 19th. Unless I go into labor before then, fingers crossed that doesn't happen.

That's less than 10 days away.

I installed the infant car seat today so B could get used to the idea of sharing the backseat. I still haven't washed any clothes or blankets yet because I'm waiting for the dresser to be moved into her room after we upgrade B to his new dresser. I have to set up a mini changing area in our bedroom for those first few weeks of bleary-eyed nighttime diaper changes and feedings. I do have the bassinet set up in our room, so B is mostly used to that. Although the cat is trying really hard to get himself banished from the bedroom since he has, on several occasions, tried to use it as a scratching post.

I have to be at the hospital at 5:30am, which will be sad to say goodbye to Brandt that early. He will want to come with us and he won't be able to visit me in the hospital AT ALL because of flu season. I have never been away from him longer than 12 hours, which is kind of depressing on my part, but this time I will be really sad to leave him because I won't see him again for 4 days. And when I return with "baby sister" I hope he won't be mad/sad at me.

Speaking of "baby sister," we still don't have a name. Much to my mother's annoyance because she is dying to know, and very frustrated that I won't even give her a top 5 list of names we are considering. But with B we didn't decide until day 2 in the hospital so she really shouldn't be surprised that we haven't settled on a name yet. I mean the baby will get named, it just won't be official until I fill out the birth certificate papers. So Joe and I still have 10 or 11 days to discuss more options. Feel free to throw out a few suggestions, unless you are my mom, in which case I still have the multiple email suggestions you've already sent.

Holy crap, we're having another baby.


Colleen said...

You are stressing me out with the new date. . .my goal is to have the box there before you leave for the hospital, that just gave me one less day!! YAY-so excited for you!

Short and Sweet said...

Ahhhhh, come on, Karen....just one more list of names won't hurt!

Lily Sarah
Lainey Sarah
Claire Sarah
Emma Sarah
Melanie Sarah
Elizabeth Sarah

Karen said...

Elizabeth Sarah is Sam's full name.

Short and Sweet said...

I guess Elizabeth is out!