Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Swing

We got a new swing yesterday, thanks to a $25 BRU gift card I had received and my parents. I got the boppy one that I posted earlier, and although it's small because it's a travel swing, it seems to do the trick. I also like that it's portable, because then I'll be able to move it to different rooms easily and possibly take it to Phoenix if I ever venture up there with both kids in the near future. And it goes to 25 pounds, so I should be able to use it for a while.

AND! Lillian slept from 8pm - 12:50am!! So I got some good sleep. And then she went right back to sleep in the swing after I fed her. So no more being up for 1.5 hours trying to get her back down. Well, at least last night. We'll see what happens going forward, because I never know how the nights will go.

I like the swing so far because it has a timer, so it automatically turns off after a certain amount of time. That way you don't run through batteries every other day. And she's happily napping in it right now!

And Joe took B to College Game Day at the U of A (Go Cats!), so I have time to get things done :)

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