Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just Between Friends

I heard about this really cool consignment sale a few months ago and they're having the next one in March.  I'm conflicted, though, for several reasons.  1. Do I save my baby clothes to pass on to friends who might have babies in the near future or do I sell what I can now to try to make some money?  2. Will I have another child in the next few years and need this stuff again?

I've asked Joe several times what his opinion is and he never said one way or the other, so I don't know if he'd eventually want to have another baby.  And a few of my friends are trying to get pregnant so I could hold onto the stuff and pass it on.  I just don't know.  But the sale seems really fun, so even if I don't end up selling some of my stuff I do plan on shopping.


Anonymous said...

JBF is a great way for moms to make extra money on all the things our fast growing kids outgrow. It helps my family. I have kept a few special outfits from my girls. But have found that each of my girls have their own unique style and they love to pick out their own clothes even at the JBF Sale. Plus you can sell toys, movies, books, videos and even maternity clothes....its easier than doing a garage sale and you make more money too ( you name the price!). You can pickup your unsold items or you can donate them to a great non profit charity in the community (Tucson donates to the Tucson Gospel Rescue Mission Women's and Children's Center) and you get a tax write off.

The shopping and friendshipsyou make thru JBF are an added plus as well.

Counting the days til the March sale!

美麗之城 said...
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