Monday, January 4, 2010

Party Planning

I'm starting to get things together for Brandt's 3rd birthday party. I already reserved the location and I'm super excited about it because he LOVES the place, and it wasn't as expensive as some other similar venues. We went to the party store today and I had him pick out his theme. And then I asked him repeatedly over the next 30 minutes if he was sure that's the theme he wanted, because you never know. And for all I know he could change his mind after his nap today. But at this point I'm sticking with his original pick. I have to get his invitations together and send them out next week sometime ... I'm thinking of inviting all the kids in his class since there are only 10 including B.

It's amazing to me how much he's grown recently. He's talking so much more and coming up with all sorts of clever things. And he's been so good with Lillian. He tries to help when she cries and he always talks to her, saying, "hi baby sister, what's up?" And he keeps asking us if she can talk yet. He's such a good kid, and I really want him to have a great 3rd birthday.

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