Saturday, March 13, 2010

Diapers & Bows

I am in love with cloth diapers.  I enjoy washing them and getting them ready to put on Lillian, and I love that they're better for her skin and better for the environment.  I also love the colors.

I have also started putting bows on her, and a friend of mine recommended some really inexpensive ones on eBay.  So now I have 12 bows that I got for $9.99.


Colleen said...

Try Etsy TOO, they have great bows, and you can get them for pretty cheap! YAY BOWS! She is such a doll, she seriously looks just like a doll! ADORABLE!

Adriana said...

i LOVE cloth diapering. we don't do it exclusively because honestly im still getting the hang of it but i'd say 80 % of the time he is in cloth adn i actually enjoy it.