Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sleep Is For the Weak

I know I keep complaining about Lillian's sleep issues, but for real, I'm getting tired of this crap.  Here's what a typical night looks like:

6:30pm bath
6:45 nurse & go to bed
7:00pm asleep

9:30pm wake up, needs to be rocked with pacifier to go back to sleep
9:45pm back to sleep

11:00pm wake up, nurse
11:25pm back to sleep

2:30am wake up, nurse, diaper change
3:30am back to sleep

4:25am wake up, rock to sleep
4:50am back to sleep

5:20am wake up, rock to sleep
5:45am back to sleep

6:45am wake up for the day

So, as you can see, the most amount of sleep I get at one time is between 2.5 - 3.5 hours.  I used to complain about Brandt's sleeping habits, but looking back, he was a GREAT sleeper.  Yes, he woke up once or twice to nurse, but he always went right back to sleep.  Lillian doesn't go back to sleep easily and I end up holding her for 30-45 minutes to make sure she's asleep.  Sometimes this process goes on for over an hour.

We implemented the Cry It Out (CIO) method with Brandt when he was just over 6 months old.  The doctor said he didn't need to eat during the night and that he was just in the habit of waking up for comfort nursing.  I know Lillian can sleep longer without eating, she's done it before, and for crying out loud the girl is close to 17 pounds & a CHUNK.  I know it's my fault for continuously going to her every time she wakes up, since I'm only reinforcing the night waking habit.  She doesn't know how to go back to sleep on her own.  And I still swaddle her.  I guess sleep training will be one of many differences between my son & daughter.  I already feel like I'm being cruel if I let her cry for more than 5 minutes.  The first night we let Brandt CIO he cried for over an hour, but I stood firm with my reasoning that he NEEDED to learn to sleep.  Why can't I do the same with Lillian?

I put her down for a nap this morning with one arm outside her swaddle in an attempt to "wean" her from needing the swaddle to sleep.  Who knows, maybe being restricted in her swaddle blanket is what's waking her up.  But she'll be 5 months old on Friday and I really think she should be done with the swaddle soon.

I'm tired and I like coffee.


LaurenMissesYou said...

If you have trouble with cry it out, or just want to try a different approach, you should look into a book called "The No-Cry Sleep Solution"

It gives tips and instructions for weaning your baby off night waking very gradually. It takes time and effort, but I definitely see great improvement!

Christie@MommyDrinksBecauseYouCry said...

Oh, you poor dear! I can't imagine only living on that little sleep. You sound exhausted. Don't you just love mother's guilt.
I would be at my wits end too. You sound like you could use a nice glass of wine.
Maybe there is a company out there that offers a night time nanny to use the CIO method. You and your husband could just go away for a few nights while the nanny let your child learn to put themselves back to sleep. Hmmm. I feel a very profitable idea coming on!