Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Weanie

I'm trying to decide if I should start weaning myself off the Celexa.  I really don't want to be medicated forever and I feel kind of guilty taking the medication while nursing.  With Brandt, the most I ever took was the percocet & ibuprofen for my c-section, with the occassional Tylenol or ibuprofen after that.  This time I've been taking anti-depressants since Lillian was 8 days old.  I know it gets into my breast milk and I worry how it has affected her.  According to, Celexa is third on the list of preferred anti-depressants while breast-feeding.  Zoloft is first.  I can't help but wonder if her sleep issues have possibly been related to the Celexa, because I never went through any of this with Brandt.  But each baby is different, so she could just have more sleep issues than he did.

My OB's office told me to start taking Celexa every other day for a week or two, then every 3rd day for another week or two, etc.  Until I am down to once a week.  Then to stop after that.  IF I want to wean, that is.  If I want to stay on the Celexa I will eventually have to go to a primary care physician for long-term prescriptions.  I think I have about 6 months of Celexa left under my OB's prescriptions. 

I'm really conflicted on what to do, because the Celexa has made a noticeable difference in my mood & overall happiness.  And my husband and my mother have both made comments that they like me better since I've started taking it.  (Thanks for that.)  And I know once I wean Lillian from breast-feeding, my hormones will go nuts again and I'll start to fly off the handle at stupid stuff.  It happened with Brandt so I anticipate it happening again.  I just don't know.

Is it necessary to be medicated to feel normal?

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Short and Sweet said...

If you are worried about Celexa, ask your doctor about Zoloft. The question you like yourself better on the meds? You already know how Joe and I feel!