Friday, April 23, 2010

Blogger Award: Honest Scrap

I was sent this award by Amber Koter-Puline at Beyond Postpartum.  Part of this award is listing 10 honest things about myself.

1. I am afraid of snakes, to the point where I won't watch them on TV or look at pictures in books, and I get a little bit anxious every time I go to the zoo with my kids for fear someone will be holding one outside of the reptile exhibit.  I don't want my kids to learn to be afraid of snakes just because I am, so I'm really nervous about how to overcome my fear for their sake.

2. I struggle with keeping my house clean.  I lack the motivation to get into a regular cleaning routine and I procrastinate way too much.  My bathroom is horrible and I really need to do a deep clean.

3. It's hard for me to not be jealous of other people's houses.  Our house is 1600 square feet and only 3 bedrooms.  I would love to have a bigger home but financially it's not possible, not to mention it's a crappy market to try to sell.  It takes constant effort on my part to remind myself that we have a nice house and we're above water, so we're doing just fine.

4. My son watches too much TV and that's my fault.  It's so hard to get anything done unless the television is on, because otherwise he takes out almost every toy he owns and scatters them around the house.  And that makes me nuts.  I feel really guilty that he watches so much TV.

5. I don't know what I'm going to do when I go back to work.  I know I eventually will once my kids are in school full time, but having been out of the workforce for so long I'm not sure how I will transition back.  I worked in human resources for 4.5 years before staying home with my son.  I loved the stimulation and I always felt productive and like I was accomplishing things.  It was a huge adjustment to learn to be a stay-at-home parent, but I know I will go back to work in a few years.

6. My car is horribly messy.  It's disgusting.  There is stuff everywhere and it needs to be washed.  And it makes me a little concerned that there is a funny smell when I first open the door.  I'm worried about what's lurking under a seat somewhere.

7. I've always had weight & food issues.  In elementary school I was usually the "big girl."  There have been times in my life where I was definitely thin and felt good about myself, but food was never out of my mind.  I obsessed about what I ate and constantly thought about the next time I could eat.  After having my 2nd child the weight isn't coming off as easily and I worry about that.

8. I also worry about money.  Who doesn't.  But we're surviving off my husband's salary which is less than what I made when I was working when we had two incomes.  I want to join the gym again (see #7) but I feel guilty about spending the money.

9. I have never spent a night away from my kids, except for the three nights I was in the hospital for my c-section following Lillian's birth.  I don't think it's healthy for parents to spend 365 days with their children non-stop.  Parents need a few days & nights to themselves so they can remember what it's like to be husband & wife.

10. I like the color red.

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Colleen said...

Thank you for making me admit things to people they didn't need to know OR care about :-)