Sunday, May 23, 2010

I've Got Skills

Very basic sewing skills, but I'm trying to get better.  I made some BabyLegs for Lillian out of $2 Target knee socks and they turned out alright.  Not spectacular, but I'm sure I'll get better if I keep practicing.  And I'm going to take a Sewing Basics class at Joann Fabrics in a few weeks so hopefully that will help.  I have my grandmother's olllllllllld sewing machine and I've already managed to screw it up - I have to learn out to re-thread the bobbin through the bottom.  It's fun, though, because I have flashbacks of helping my grandmother sew, and I remember her showing me basic sewing concepts.  I remember threading the needles for her because she had a hard time seeing the eye of the needle.  Of course last night I had a hard time seeing the eye of the needle.

Here's a few pictures of my BabyLegs.  I used the basic tutorial on Little Birdie Secrets.

Sorry for the funny face she's making, the flash makes her squint.