Thursday, July 15, 2010

Do Over

I had previously posted about decorating Lillian's room.  I loved the wall decals that my mom got so I went online and searched for more styles by the same company. Of course I found one I liked better so I showed m mom and we both agreed that Lillian needed it in her room, too. And since the wall decals are removable & re-positionable, I could just put the original tree on a different wall and the new tree on the wall by her crib.  The only downside is the new tree is a little shorter so I had to position it off the floor about 18 inches.  I plan to get a little toy box or other storage unit to put there so you won't see the blank spot under the tree.  But here it is, the finished project:

This is where I moved the original tree. Please disregard the mess, I had to take a quick picture to satisfy my mother because she was eager to see the room.

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