Monday, September 27, 2010

Headcold Hell

I have been sick for over a week, which is why I haven't posted much.  My head & face have been throbbing everyday, and my throat has been sore all week.  This cold really took a toll, probably the longest I've been sick in a very long time ... if not, ever.  I'm finally on antibiotics (because I'm pretty sure it turned into a sinus infection) after going to urgent care twice, but the doctor only gave me the amoxicillin after I asked for it.  She seemed hesitant to prescribe it since I told her I was nursing.  Which is annoying because I already feel guilty about exposing Lillian to anti-depressants since she was a week old.

My parents were here most of last week so that helped a lot - I was able to rest while they took care of Lillian and Brandt.  They even took them both to the mall to play and have dinner.  That was the first time anyone has taken Lillian anywhere without me.  And it felt GOOD.  It's bittersweet, though, knowing that my baby won't be a baby for much longer ... but I'm also happy for the 'freedom'.  And speaking growing up, Lillian walks 90% of the time, now.  Two weeks ago she took her first few steps, and now she only crawls to find something that she can pull herself up on and then she takes off walking.  She's TOO LITTLE to walk!  But it's the cutest thing ever.

Brandt decided on his Halloween costume.  He wants to be a Super Reader from Super Why.  We found a really good deal on the costume at Kmart (where I NEVER shop, but I've now discovered how cheap some of their stuff is so I will be going back for Christmas toys) and I picked it up for him yesterday.  He doesn't want to take it off, but since it's a cheap costume I'm worried it will fall apart before Halloween.  So I told him he has to wait until Halloween to wear it.

 He's looking at his cape because he really wants to fly when he wears it - and when the wind blows the cape he gets really excited.

Now I'm off to catch up with everything that I didn't do last week while I was sick.  I hate falling behind.  And I feel like I need to disinfect the whole house.  Poor Lillian got sneezed on quite a few times when I was nursing her.  Oops.

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