Saturday, September 18, 2010

Love & Logic

I'm taking a Love & Logic parenting class and so far it has been really good.  I'm hoping to become a better parent instead of, you know, screaming my head off when Brandt doesn't listen to me.  Because that has been mostly ineffective.

The basic principle for Love & Logic is teaching children about personal responsibility & accountability.  And showing them that there are consequences for their actions, and using those consequences as the teaching moment instead of "punishing" the child. 

So far I've enjoyed the first two classes and I am excited to learn more in the next 5 sessions.  I plan to take this class again, WITH JOE, next spring.  As a refresher for myself and as a way to help show Joe that our children need to make mistakes in order to learn.  And that it's ok for them to fail.  And that we can't protect them from life, but rather we need to help them learn that facing certain struggles during childhood will only help them when they become adults.

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