Friday, October 8, 2010

Is This Thing On?

Hi.  Sorry it's been so long.  Again.  I had the upper respiratory infection that wouldn't die and I'm finally 95% better.  I thought I was getting better, but then I didn't.  Horribly sore throat that felt like I was swallowing knives.  Percocet helped.

We had our house inspected for termites since the 4 other houses on our street has been treated for them this past year.  We assumed we had them because we are right in the middle of the other houses.  Here's a shocker: we DON'T have termites!  But we did have to shell out $200 to fix our refrigerator, which isn't horrible since the thing is 20 years old.  If anything else breaks on it we will be getting a new one.

I also lost my cell phone.  At KMart, so of course nobody turned it in, because KMart is probably lower on the white trash scale than WalMart.  But losing it was a good excuse to switch from Sprint to Verizon, since my parents just did a few months ago and I was able to join their family plan and save money.  And Joe and his family are all Verizon, so now our calls to each other are all free.

I got the Samsung Reality which isn't nearly as cool as the Samsung Fascinate, but I had to remind myself that I'm trying to SAVE money.  And really, I have the iPod Touch to play with so I don't need the fancy phone, too.  Although the Fascinate was very tempting.

Joe and I are going to a wedding on Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton at Dove Mountain in Marana.  I'm sooooo excited for several reasons: 1. I get to go out with my husband, sans kids, to a fancy event, 2. I get to enjoy a Ritz-Carlton wedding & dinner, since I didn't really have a great experience at my Ritz-Carlton wedding, and 3. I GET TO DRESS UP AND FEEL PRETTY!  That doesn't happen a lot.  I'm hoping to take some pictures and I will definitely share next week.

Now, more coffee.

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