Saturday, January 15, 2011


New Year.

New Job.

New Body.

New POST!  Freaking finally, right?

Happy New Year!  The first few weeks of 2011 have flown by - we've all been super busy.

I got a new job that started January 3rd.  I am a part time teller at a local credit union and I am so happy with this job.  I think I said it best in my Facebook status: LOVING my new employer! It's definitely hard to be away from my kids, but it's also oddly rejuvenating to be working in a professional environment again. It's only been 2 days but I already feel happier as a person and happier as a mother. I'm also thrilled to finally be contributing financially to our household. And my kids are in great hands with my parents - so far it's a win/win situation :) Happy 2011!!

As for the new body, I'm planning to renew my gym membership now that we have more income (thanks to my new job).  I really need to work on improving my fitness level, for both my physical & mental health.  I haven't been this out of shape in a very long time - it's frustrating & disappointing.
I'm also trying to get more organized.  I've found a few sites that are really helpful so I thought I'd share with you as well:
Have a great 3-day weekend!

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