Friday, June 6, 2008

Everything Happens For a Reason ...

And Other Crap We Tell Ourselves to Feel Better:

So a lot has happened during the last 9 months and I think it's time to provide a brief update to anyone who's interested.

We bought one ... kind of ... last October. We signed a contract to build a beautiful new Pulte home, contingent of course on the sale of our house. Our house hasn't sold due mostly to the crappy housing market, and as a result, our Pulte contract will be cancelled June 10th ... so no more beautiful house.

Joe got laid off in September when the mortgage company he worked for closed their Tucson office. He has since worked from home as a kind of independent Loan Officer, which conveniently provides no health benefits which was the primary reason Joe and I have held off on trying to get pregnant. Anyway, he began the process for the Tucson Police Department back in February and passed the oral board interviews, and the written & the physical testings. He was expecting to start with the June Academy. Then Tucson cancelled the June Academy for budget reasons ... fabulous. TPD is still something he would like to pursue if the city approves a new Academy this summer, which we've heard it could be October ... or even as soon as July, so that's something. Currently he'll be starting with a new company Monday doing financial sales and business to business sales with a large, well-known, STABLE company that excitingly provides health benefits after the first day of employment! Yay.

Now for Something Cute
Brandt has started high-fiving the TV when Snook sings the goodbye song on Big Big World. Almost every time ... it's really sweet.

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Gina said...

I love how he does the hi-five. It's really, really adorable.