Thursday, June 5, 2008

It Must Be Genetic

The ability for boys/men to make random sound effects from an early age ... Brandt has already started doing this. He has seen us fill our water cups from the water dispenser on the door of our refrigerator and now he puts his sippy cup in the dispenser area and goes "shhhhhh", as if to make the water sound. Then he proudly takes a sip of his milk.

I don't know ... maybe girls do this, too. But it seems like little boys start with the sound effects from an early age.


Colleen said...

I think I wrote a blog about this on MySpace once, I TOTALLY ONE HUNDRED PERCENT AGREE WITH YOU!

Olivia said...

Josephine likes to "brrrrrrr" all around the house... she hasn't applied it to anything yet, but I imagine her little people SUV will be "brrrrr"ing all around the house pretty soon!