Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Frump & Lazy

I have fallen off the wagon. I've stopped going to the gym as much as I used to and I've been eating more ... and by more I mean crap. I can come up with several reasons (excuses) as to why I've lost interest in working out, most of them revolving around 3 weeks of not sleeping because Brandt had been waking up at night. But other reasons include: I don't feel like it, and that ice cream looks really yummy. Then I have an experience that totally motivates me to get off my butt and back on track ... and this particular slap in the face happened to be yesterday's episode of Oprah.

And don't even start with the assumption that stay-at-home-moms sit around watching soaps and Oprah all day, because this was the first time in 3+ months that I have watched an episode of Oprah.

Anyway, this episode helped me remember how important it is to be active and eat well. Which is totally obvious information, although a lot of people choose to ignore it and eat as much as they want whenever they want without exercising enough. And the episode focused on childhood obesity, which is a scary trend that has continued to increase.

I was a fat kid. If you knew me in 4th grade through 9th grade you could definitely see the signs of obesity. I also used to brag about being able to eat 4 tacos at Taco Bell when I was 10. Not surprising that I weighed close to 160 at 12 years old. Yeah ... fat.

Then I lost some weight in high school, although I still wasn't thin ... but I wasn't as heavy as I had been. Once college came I was able to lose a lot of weight thanks to one particular summer job I had where I was outside in 100+ degree weather all day. I sweat so much and drank so much water that I made it down to my thinnest weight of 121. That is what Joe nostalgically refers to as "college Karen."

Then I got pregnant and REALLY fat (195 pounds, if you've forgotten). I did manage to lose most of it, although I could really stand to lose another 10 pounds. But back to my original topic, I've gotten lazy and I feel frumpy because I've lost my drive. I really need to find it again because the frump is starting to take over.


Gina said...

Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with me either. I've lost some of my gym motivation, too. AND--I've been eating massive amounts of sugar. Not a good trend.....

Short and Sweet said...

You are by no means frumpy and with Brandt around you can never by lazy. You look great and quite healthy so don't be so hard on yourself.