Thursday, May 14, 2009

Never Say Never

But exercise extreme caution.

When I was pregnant with Brandt I was adamant about NOT letting him use pacifiers. Well that got thrown out the window when we realized it helped him sleep and we were desperate for sleep. So we let him have them just in his crib. It worked well when he could finally figure out how to put them back in his mouth when they fell out. And then when I weaned him from nursing at 15 months I figured he would need something to help him fall asleep since he wasn't getting boob right before bed.

Fast forward to NOW, when my son is 27 months old and STILL using a pacifier. In fact, he demands his pacifiers and I'm starting to panic about how to rid him of this crutch. Luckily he knows we don't take them out of the house, so I don't have one of the kids with it permanently attached to their face. But he always wants to go home whenever we are out because he knows that's where his pacifiers are.

I feel like we should go cold turkey, but I'm sooooooo scared of the crying and carrying on that will occur all freaking day, coupled with the rage we will experience at bedtime. I know there won't be a good time to do it, because the longer we wait the harder this process will be. Ugh.

The next kid will get pacifiers, but I will nip the habit in the bud before 12 months, FOR SURE!!


Colleen said...

I was the SAME way, swore I wouldn't use them, then sent Pat to the store for some in the middle of the night because I was so desperate! Anyway, I am a firm believer that there is a point around 5 or 6 or 7 months where they don't really need them anymore, and if you take them then, they don't remember, worked with both my kids. You will know the moment-try it with your next child, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Clay Mama said...

We're going cold turkey this weekend. I'm terrified. I will look extra beautiful on Sunday, I'm sure.

I think your friend Colleen is right.

Anonymous said...

My son was a juice in a sippy cup addict (he is 2.5) and we recently survived 'Juicy's' removal from his life. For a couple weeks I told him how one night we were going to put out all of his sippy cups and the Sippy Bunny was going to take them and leave Thomas trains for him. He was very excited about the trains and he only cried about his sippy cups once after the exchange. I was shocked how easy it was . . . good luck!