Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wish List

The following are things I am hoping for. Some are current wishes and some are post-pregnancy wishes.

1. I want to take a Photoshop Elements class at Pima Community College this summer so I can finally be mildly competent with the software I've had for over a year and have done NOTHING with. The only crappy part of the class is that it's located downtown, which is no less than a 30 minute drive, so combine that with finding regular childcare for 3 hours at a time pretty much means I will have to wait a bit longer to take the class. Unless, Mom, you or Dad want to commit to being down here regularly in July?

2. Wine: any red will do. Hell, I'll even take a good Riesling right now. I am seriously missing this, and summer doesn't help when every barbecue & swim party has a ton of beer. And combine being pregnant with having our house on the market AND caring for a two year old all day AND having a realtor only call your land line to show your house and NOT THE CELL PHONE so I didn't get the message until 5 minutes before they were showing up and my house had 72 toys scattered everywhere and I seriously needed to vacuum ... well then, a glass of wine would have really been nice right about then.

3. Laser hair removal. This will have to be post-pregnancy and probably post-nursing, since they told me the topical numbing cream they use can pass to breast milk. So early 2011 I'm estimating. But I would seriously love to have this done so I don't have to worry about shaving anymore.

4. A weekend "off." I told Joe this will be happening sometime this summer, and while I appreciate that it makes him sad to leave Brandt for any amount of time, I would appreciate it more if he would be slightly excited about having a weekend together, just the two of us. He does acknowledge the importance of spending a weekend away, but he feels terrible about leaving Brandt. Then I feel guilty for forcing the subject, even though I know he doesn't think my primary goal is to leave our son but really to reconnect with him. I've never spent a night away from Brandt and I don't think that's healthy. I need time away, just to recharge and focus on myself and on our marriage. Because at least in my world, having a kid has put our marriage on the back burner and I think we need to re-prioritize a bit.

That is all for now, and for the most part (aside from the laser hair removal) I think most of these goals will be accomplished in the near future, a sip of wine included. Don't judge. I didn't say a bottle of wine.


Colleen said...

Seriously, no nights away from him, YOU DESERVE IT MY FRIEND!!!!! ESPECIALLY before baby number two, I don't think anyone is ever prepared for that!

Clay Mama said...

I think it's important to note that it's good for Brandt to see Mommy and Daddy go away, and then have them come back! I think that builds kids sense of security. In my opinion, he's definitely old enough for a 2 night away weekend. The summer rates are AMAZING right now down here and in Phoenix. I hope you guys find something nice and enjoy yourselves! David and I are planning to do a night in Phoenix in July.