Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Wrote A Letter

A week ago last Saturday (the 15th) I worked all day and got home around 5:25. I picked up some yummy Mexican food since Joe suggested it, one of the rare times we actually order out. I put everything on the table and we sat down to eat. Joe and B had been playing all day so the house had toys everywhere but I figured we'd deal with it right before bedtime, since he would continue to play with everything until then. And when I say toys I don't mean a few Hotwheels. The kid takes out every truck and car, no matter how large, so we had his Cozy Coupe out, his tricycle, and most of his dump trucks. Very cluttered.

The doorbell rings around 5:45 and I look out the window to see a woman peering back. She had two ladies with her. I realize at this moment that she is a realtor and when I open the door she is going to ask to show our house.


Let's pause there to really think about this request. Would any decent human being ring someone's doorbell around 6pm on a Saturday evening without calling first?

I explain that we're in the middle of dinner and she says, "oh this won't take long." I tell her the house is a mess because we have a two and a half year old and she says, "don't worry about it." So here I am with 3 strangers standing in my doorway and I felt completely obligated to let them in. What the f*$! did I care at this point, since we're taking our house off the market on September 4th anyway. The people felt awkward (duh) and they barely came into our house, probably because they were afraid of tripping over toys. So thanks, obnoxious realtor lady, for unfairly showing these people our house.

So I wrote a letter to the realty agency she works for:

(WHY CAN'T I COPY AND PASTE TO BLOGGER?! Argh! I have to retype the whole thing)

To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to express my discontent with ****. On Saturday, August 15, 2009, **** rang our doorbell with the intention of showing our property to her clients. She did not call beforehand, and made no attempt to make an appointment for a formal showing. I found this to be extremely unprofessional and inconsiderate. It was close to 6pm on a Saturday evening and my family was in the middle of dinner. We also did not have the opportunity to tidy up our home so her clients were not presented with a fair representation of our house. **** insisted it was not a problem that our house was not clean, but I felt blindsided and obligated to allow her clients into our home since they were standing right there. I would have appreciated even a 20 minute advance phone call and I hope **** can understand our frustrations with her actions.
Thank You,
Joe & Karen Bober

So yeah, I wasn't happy but I felt my letter was to the point and not overly critical and that it politely stated my frustrations. We did get a follow up letter from the agency, and although there was some version of an apology in there, it mostly just provided reasons (excuses) as to why the agent did what she did.

BUT, they did send me the most wonderful apology gift ever from Edible Arrangements. I think anytime someone thinks of sending someone else flowers for any occasion (aside from a funeral probably) they should reconsider and send an edible arrangement. Because YOU CAN EAT IT. And it's the most amazing fruit ever! So just a thought, if you know anyone having a baby you could always send this to the hospital instead of flowers ...

I'm just saying.

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Colleen said...

THEY ARE THE BEST, and I will write lots of letters if it gets me stuff!! Congratulations, this week has been the week of free stuff between the two of us!