Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Whole Lotta Crazy

(Points to myself)

Yesterday was weird and after lunch everything got really nuts, mostly due to my own bout of the crazies. Brandt went to preschool and everything was fine with that, although he was crying when I picked him up but the teacher assured me he'll be fine and it won't take much longer for him to completely adjust. She also gave me the impression that he was really well behaved compared to some of the others, considering out of the class of 10 there are EIGHT boys. I feel for those teachers.

I took B to lunch at McDonald's to make a little peace with his rough morning and then drove around for a bit to get him to sleep. He fell asleep just before 1pm and as I was carrying him into the house the cat decided to have the loudest conversation in the world with me and WOKE HIM UP. Like wide awake and not going back to sleep. I was livid. Ready to put the cat in the backyard and say, "fend for yourself, because you aren't welcome here anymore." I put B back in the car (because I was in no mood to deal with reluctant sleeper/wide awake crazy that he was at that point) and we drove for 30 minutes. I would have driven all freaking afternoon if needed. He finally fell asleep and I got him into bed and he managed to sleep until 3pm.

But then I started noticing something: the baby hadn't moved in a while. I had a bowl of ice cream and laid down. Nothing. I drank a bunch of cold apple juice. Nothing. I drank 3 glasses of ice water. Nothing. I was trying not to over think this, because sometimes I didn't notice a lot of movement during the day because I'm distracted by other things. But for some reason that afternoon was really concerning me.

I called the OB nurse at my doctor's office and she recommend I go to the hospital to get monitored just to be safe. It was 4pm and Joe didn't leave work until 5pm and I had B with me. I tried to hold off on going and I laid down some more and concentrated really hard on finding movement. I think I felt 5 kicks within 4 hours, so not great. I got some snacks together and packed up the portable DVD (just in case) and took B with me to the hospital. He was really hyper but the staff kept insisting that he was one of the better kids they'd seen ... liars.

Joe got there a few minutes after the nurse hooked me up to the monitors. She could hear the baby moving around, although she did say the baby was at a weird angle and that's probably why I didn't feel a lot of movement. The heart rate was good, and of course the baby started moving within 10 minutes of getting hooked up to the monitors so I started to feel really silly (read: crazy) for going to the hospital over something that turned out to be nothing. Not that I was hoping for something to be wrong just for validation, but I was more disappointed in myself for not holding out longer at home. Because if I had waited even another hour I would have been reassured by plenty of movement. Instead I just looked like the paranoid pregnant lady who went the hospital just to hear her baby's heart beat.

AND! To make things even more annoying for me, we had someone look at our house while I was gone and I didn't exactly leave the house in great condition. B had played with a bunch of toys (not surprising) and he had turned over our ottoman while he was playing. For some reason I didn't think to turn it right side up before I left, so these people who looked at our house probably thought we are some kind of animals leaving furniture upside down and stuff scattered all over our house. Not to mention laundry that hadn't been put away. BUT!!! I was a little annoyed the agent didn't call my cell phone, otherwise I could have explained the situation to him. Ugh.

I felt so ridiculous (read: crazy) yesterday evening, and of course the baby decided to throw a dance party after 8pm and wouldn't stop moving for almost an hour. I'm a little concerned that she'll have her days and nights mixed up since she has a tendency to be REALLY active at night and not so much during the day. But at least I had some peace of mind after hearing her heart beat at the hospital. I just feel like a complete idiot as a result.

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Colleen said...

Take it from the (CRAZY) woman that went to the hospital probably four times with "labor" before actually birthing Tyler. I think the nurse said when I was finally admitted past the golden gates, "Your doctor says just go ahead and admit you because you REALLY want to have the baby!" You are far from this kind of crazy, you were just worried about your baby, and there is NOTHING-NOTHING wrong with that!

For the record, after they broke my water, she was born about 45 minutes later, so obviously I wasn't that CRAZY!