Friday, September 4, 2009

Work In Progress

I've managed to get a lot done over the past few weeks with the help of my parents. They came down and helped move furniture and they also watched Brandt while I went through closets to downsize and clean. And of course Joe painted. I chose a pale pink for one wall and a pale yellow for the other walls. The pale yellow is really pale, so it hardly looks like we painted. My mom splurged on some gorgeous curtains and my grandfather will be building a wooden cornice for the top of the window.

This morning I finally got the crib put back together, with Brandt's help of course since it involved using tools. I moved the rest of the extra furniture out and did a rough layout of how the room will be arranged. Brandt is still using the dresser that will eventually go in the nursery, so until we get a bedroom set for him we will keep the dresser in his room. He has been sleeping on his new bed since Monday night and so far he seems to enjoy it. I remembered that my old bed from Phoenix had a twin trundle with a mattress that was hardly ever used, so my parents brought it down and that's his new bed. Sadly we just have it on the floor since we still haven't picked out a bed frame/headboard for him, so it looks kind of ghetto right now. At least he's getting used to the bed while it's close to the ground, so if he does roll off he doesn't have too far to fall.

(If you click on the picture you can see a larger version.)

You can see the bedding set a little better in the picture below, although the bumper is up just for show right now. Once I start putting her in the crib I will take it down because it doesn't fit right in this crib when the mattress is at the highest setting. And also a lot of people think they're dangerous anyway. She will eventually use it when she gets older and I move the mattress to a lower level.

I feel better knowing that I have the bulk of the work done, and that I only have to put the finishing touches on the room now. We'll get a few pictures for the wall, and maybe one of those adhesive wall sayings, although I haven't looked into that yet. So we're about 75% done at this point, which is good.

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