Tuesday, August 25, 2009


AKA: 2 hours twice a week all to myself. Brandt started his Lambs class today - he will go every Tuesday & Thursday from 9:30 - 11:30. He did really well getting ready this morning, and we kept talking about school to prepare him a little bit. I'm hoping he will enjoy it since it's mostly a playtime with some other activities thrown in. I know I'm happy about having a little extra time to myself, although I think 2 hours will fly by too quickly.

I took his "first day of school" picture in our front yard. I combed his hair and used some hairspray, although I think I will avoid the styling products for a while because he just gets crusty and his hair won't stay in place anyway.

I took this picture right outside his classroom. The teachers asked the parents to say goodbye at the door and then leave as to not prolong any goodbye tears. I don't know if Brandt started crying because as soon as he walked into the room I left. I did take a quick peek through the window and I saw him turn around expecting me to have followed him but I figured I should leave before he saw me. I'm interested to find out how it went.

I'm hopeful that he will enjoy school, and I'm definitely glad he's starting now so he gets used to it before the baby comes in October. A lot of transitions happening in the next few weeks ... I'm hoping he still goes with the flow.


Colleen said...

CONGRATS! What did you do with your two free hours? Did you keep thinking maybe you left him in the car?

He looks adorable in his first day of school picture-as ALWAYS!

R. Batty said...

I'm glad you'll get a little time to yourself each day so you can keep your head on straight in the coming months. And it's true, Brandt does look pretty stinkin' adorable. What's up with the gator shirt though? Subtle XCP tribute? ;-)