Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Slight Improvements

B only woke up twice last night. The first time, around 11, Joe went in there. The second time, after 2am, I told Joe we should stay out of the room while he was fussing and wait until he fell asleep. Forty minutes later he was still at it, and today is Joe's long day at work so I wanted him to get some kind of sleep. I went in there and laid with B until after 3am when he finally fell asleep. Just in case you were wondering, being 8 months pregnant and laying on the floor is not the most comfortable situation, nor is it easy to get up quietly as to not wake up the kid you just spend 30 minutes trying to get to sleep. B slept until 6am, which was nice. I'm hoping tonight is better.

Of course the cat ... not so much. I probably tossed him to the foot of the bed about 17 times during the course of the night because he kept trying to lay on top of my head. And the few times he managed to sleep by my head without me noticing, I would eventually wake up to his obnoxiously loud and compulsive grooming habits. The licking sound right next to my ear is probably the most irritating sound ever.

Here's hoping B sleeps better tonight, and maybe only wakes up once? Please? And the cat ... well at least I can kick the cat.

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