Monday, September 7, 2009


B can sense that things are changing and his increased insecurity is reflected in his broken sleep and nightly wake-ups. It's been going on for a week now and I don't know what to do. I read about 2-3 year olds in Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child but there wasn't too much information, other than making the effort to keep returning your kid to bed every time they wake up at night even if it's 151 times. It says to not make eye contact or talk to your kid while you're escorting them back to bed. Good theory, I suppose, except I have to break Joe of his current habit which is only reinforcing the night waking. Joe goes in there and lays with B every time he wakes up, so now B has been waking up more frequently because he knows Daddy will come visit him. And while I appreciate what Joe is trying to do (let me sleep) I really think we need to break this habit sooner than later. Like starting tonight.

And I know I've mentioned before about going away for a night, just to a local hotel, but it never happened. Joe and I both decided not to spend the money. But I told Joe this morning at 4:20am (right before I went in to lay with B) that I will be making a reservation sometime soon so I can have one night to my self before the baby comes. And that he's more than welcome to join me. And I don't think I'm being selfish for doing it.

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