Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Am Fascinated

With the Duggar Family. I watch the show 18 Kids and Counting and am completely fascinated with how this family operates. This woman is super woman & super mom, I cannot even imagine 18 children. I realize the older kids take care of the younger kids to help out, but still! How does she do it?! Homeschooling ... teaching all the children how to play piano & violin ... always staying so calm & happy?!? All without a TV!

As I sit here on the couch watching television while both kids are napping instead of putting the laundry away.


Colleen said...

I absolutely ADORE your posts! They make me feel much more sane, and that Duggard woman does drugs, serious amounts, just wait, you will see it in the Enquirer next week!

PS-have a great Thanksgiving! Your mom said you are all going to your SILs, she sent me a really nice email. I shed a tear or two, what else is new!

Gina said...

Two words: brain implant. Seriously.